Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Gardener Guy and I are blessed, in about 4,273 different ways but that could be another post. God blessed us over the wedding planning process.

Since Gardener Guy and I began dating over 5 years ago, I had always had the fear that my GranDaddy would lose his fight with cancer, among other infirmities over the past few years. There had been more than 1 close calls in the past 5 years and that has been hard for my Gramma, as well as my entire family. My GranDaddy and Gramma M were healthy enough to share in our day. We are blessed they could be there.

My other Gramma has had a rough go with Alzheimer's over the past 2 years. She lost her brother to the disease last year and with this passing, I also feared that she would not be healthy enough or here to share with us. In fact, just a few days ago, her sister who suffered from Dementia passed away. My Gramma and GranDaddy F were healthy enough to share in our day. We are blessed they could be there.

Gardener Guy's maternal Gramma and Grandpa have had their share of small and large infirmities as well, but all in all, are healthy. God blessed us with their health throughout the planning and wedding day. GranDaddy and Gramma S were healthy to share in our day. We are blessed that they could be there.

Gardener Guy and his family lost GranDaddy Jerry last September. He lost a hard but short fight to cancer. His entire family came together before and after his passing, and his Gramma G has been well cared for as well. Before his passing, GG and I had talked about moving up the date so that all of our grandparents could be present. Jerry would hear none of this. So we focused the last few months him and his wants and needs and little on the wedding. I think our wedding day may have been hard for GG's Gramma as their anniversary had just passed a few days before, but she was very gracious.We are blessed she could be there.

I realized this blessing as we were flying home from Cancun last Sunday. We had no cell phone service for a week and we were both wondering what news or crisis that we may have missed. It was flying over the ocean that I had time to reflect on these blessings that I had worried about for many many months.

And when we returned, no crisis. God is good.

Blessings to you and all of my love!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the trenches

Mama and I are working in the trenches today.

We have planted, mulched, dug, watered, laid bricks and entertained the dog.

This afternoon we are running to Hob Lob, Home Depot and taking my ring to get sized!

Speaking of rings... Mama D and her girls are treating me to a spa day on Friday! I relax with a Get-A-Glow facial and then a mani-pedi. I think Married Lacey will be jealous of Bride Lacey.

10 Day weather forecast has changed everyday. What can ya do? We're praying for sunshine and blue skies, but a few clouds wouldn't hurt.

Pictures to come on our 2 church bridal showers! :)

Gardening love and all of mine!