Monday, September 28, 2009

Impulsive Mistakes

I am a patient person with an impulsive backbone.

Case in point: Bridesmaids' dresses.

When we were first engaged, I knew who I wanted by my side on the big day. What I was not certain on was what they would wear. I toyed with the idea of letting them choose th
eir own dress in any coral shade. I thought about choosing one shade from a bridal line and letting them choose a style that they liked. I considered letting them wear a neutral dress of their choice. Enter impulse. I found coral dresses at Forever 21 for $24.80. Awesome deal right? I would be able to pay for them and give them as a gift to my ladies.

via Forever 21

Here was the problem. I have 6 maids and 1 junior maid in ages ranging from 28 to 12, and 4'10"-6' tall. This short and strapless dress was not appropriate for all of my ladies. Some maids started having the dress altered and realized it would be too short for a possibly windy outdoor wedding! So for the past few months I have stressed over what to do. Order new dresses for all the maids, order new dresses for half the maids, make do with the dresses they have. I did not know and I had lots of people to consider.

You should also know that I check J.Crew online about every single day. (After I check NieNieDialogues, Snippet and Ink, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty and Once Wed to name a few!) I would watch as dresses would go on-sale, and eventually ship out. Until one day last week, when one of my all time favorite dresses came back on the sale rack in a lovely Papaya color! I may have shrilled in my apartment!

I researched and found that they had (almost) every size of the dresses that I needed. After a few long months of searching and researching options and dresses, I was ecstatic. The dresses were twice the price of the others: $49.99. But for bridesmaids' dresses? Get out of town.

This dress in Dark Slate is the same style, but Papaya is so much brighter!
via J.Crew

So I bought them and they should be here this week!

What will I do with the other dresses you ask? I am now researching my options of reselling on Ebay or Plato's Closet. I'll keep you updated!

New dress love and all of mine!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday!

An extra big Happy Birthday wish to my Guy! He's a whopping 21 years young.

Birthday love and all of mine.

First Things First.

One of the first things, ok THE first thing, I did once we were engaged was to go dress shopping. Being completely honest with myself, I had even shopped a couple times before officially engaged.

No regrets here.

Deep down, I knew I couldn't get a dress back then so it relieved the pressure and I could enjoy browsing. That poor saleswoman. After the engagement, my mom and one of my younger sisters, Darb, loaded up and went shopping. The second time we were shopping, I fell in love with the first dress I tried on, passed it up that day, and went back a week later with my grandmas and got it.

That's been almost 9 months ago and everyday I want to go back and try it on. Lucky for the shop, I haven't.

Something that has been harder to decide is my "Bridal Look". I have short, blonde hair. I love it. But when The Guy and I started dating, I had long blonde hair, and he misses it. I wrestled with the idea of growing it out but I couldn't put myself through 18 months of the awkward stage; come on girls you know what I mean.

Love Lesson #1: Compromise.
I'm more or less compromising with myself. I'm growing it out just long enough to do something with. Plus, I have a rockin' birdcage veil that I want to show off! Here is one of my inspirations, not sure what site I found this on.

Here is what I'm thinking behind the veil.
Heidi always makes it work. Project Runway anyone?
Anyway, her glow and her 'do is exactly what I've been looking for.

Wedding love and all of mine!