Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Santa Baby

This morning was cold.

Somewhere inside of me started crying because that means winter is coming.

Lola is scared too. She doesn't like winter either. One year she was just minding her own business and then got crushed like a snowball by a giant snow plow.

Poor girl. Oh yeah, Lo is my car. Lola, the Corolla.

Anyway, Santa Baby, I need a new coat this year. I'm window shopping. I'll get back with you. My only request: don't make me look like a part of a group of Asians on a College campus.

Christmas music love and all of mine!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bermuda, Bahama, Come on Pretty Mama

It's been a busy week. Busy, and stressful: right Mama?

Just think, we will be cruising in March and I can't wait!

Of course, I wouldn't turn down a tropical getaway anytime sooner though!

HayBee talks of tropical vows although no time soon... so I play Wedding while she is far, far away. Unlucky for me, our tastes are ... well ... polar opposites. Oh well. If I were planning tropical nuptials (or re-nuptials) it would look something like this: bright, fun and oh-so laid back.

Love and Surf. Via Snippet and Ink.

Thank you J.Crew.

This would be a pretty simple gown for HayBee but it's so classic and elegant & she could dress that gown up with some gorg accessories from Etsy.
Maids in green, moms in blue, and red hot toes.
Put those boys in green ties and throw on some yellow leis for the night. Love it.

How adorable are these Save the Dates? They're luggage tags for cryin' out loud!

... ooh baby why don't we go down to Cocomo?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is it just me or have you been hearing a lot about Fall weather this year, like more so than other years?

Maybe I am more aware of it because I am not dreading walking campus in sub-zero weather for months upon months. Now I am dreading driving snowy, icy country roads for months upon months. But enough negativity, Nancy.

What I am trying to say is that I am really enjoying this Fall weather. Granted, I do miss rocking hoodies and sweats to class each day -- it was State school what do you expect from me? But, I enjoy how nicely it warms up in the afternoon and cools down in the evening.

Our Fur-baby Jasmine is enjoying the cool weather too. Enjoying the weather... in her new dog pen! This has been months in waiting for me and finally, after I chased the dog deep into the timber, BAREFOOTED, Saturday afternoon, Gardener Guy realized we needed a pen. And a pen he built. J-Baby has spent a lot of time outdoors exploring her new casa. After a few whiny barks in objection, she seems to like it.

How do you take time to savor this beautiful Fall weather before Winter moves in?

Outdoor love and all of mine!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Count Down.

Ever get a $20 bill and "nickle and dime it away" until it's all gone? And then wonder, where did my money go?

Ever have a free Saturday and decide to take a long nap, then wake up at dusk? And then wonder, where did my day go?

I feel like most days. I'm wishing my days away until May. I will regret it, but right now counting down is the only thing getting me through the year.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Steps

Gardener Guy and I are baby-stepping with Dave Ramsey.

Baby Step #1: Set up Emergency Fund. Check.

We are on Step #2. Paying off debt.
We both have a bit of credit card debt, as well as Student Loan debt.

(enter lump in the pit of my stomach)

I gotta say, in college, Gardener Guy was better with managing money than I was. I took a 4 year hiatus from balancing my checkbook and had overdrafts to prove it. So now, I am kinda anal-retentive about balancing it because, well, it just makes cents. You laughed out loud didn't you?

In moments of stress we were quoted on more than one account of saying, "It will be better when we graduate and have jobs." And, it has. But now, it's time to pay off some debt and save some moolah.

I had a small credit card debt, so we transferred my balance to a 0% interest card with 12 months until interest begins to build. (These are my words you see, I have ABSOLUTELY NO business or financial background).

I have paid off all of my "Store Credit Cards". For crying out loud, cut those suckers up into tiny pieces, Chic Chick! Mama is right, the feeling of not dreading a credit card bill in the mail is so much more satisfying than buying stuff. Go me.

We are trying to pay off the rest of the balance transfer and GG's credit debt asap and building momentum and motivation as we go. Soon, our Student Loan bills will be rolling in and we will be ready to take those on too.

Baby Step #3: We will be working to put 3 to 6 months worth of expenses in savings. I'm thinking this might come in handy when Chic Kiddos come around.

See more of Dave here.

Goal for October: use Envelope System.

Baby stepping love and all of mine!