Friday, April 30, 2010

Gardener Guy's Best Friend

I would like to think that I am Gardener Guy's best friend. Then, he reminds me that he had his sweetheart Jasmine first. Jasmine is an over-weight, over-possessive, under-ambitious Golden Retriever that will be moving into Northview with us soon. I am excited, really.

Gardener Guy (more like Mountain Man) with Jasmine

She WILL NOT be invited to the wedding though. If she was to be hypothetically invited, I would consider a cliche "family picture" of the 3 of us. I mean, come on, check out that Puppy Jewelry!
Via Wedding Chicks.

But then Roxy would be jealous.

Puppy love and all of mine!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

No time to blog...

...because I have a job!

I was offered a position at Prairie View School District as their English as a Second Language Program Director for 2010-2011 school year!

(Sounds so official right? I'll need business cards or something!)

Thank you, thanks, gracias, merci for ALL of your warm thoughts and prayers for my job search! God is good!

Mama -- I think you have a Thankful Thursday topic!

Teaching love and all of mine!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Vintage Chic

More from Etsy!

How adorable would a set of these be to name each table? We won't be using seating arrangements but I think that one of these on each table might add to the vintage feel of the center pieces.

Which is your favorite?




Nursery Rhymes

All flashcard sets found at Pretty Little Studio shop!

I'm thinking I could use these in a corner of my classroom for decoration or use in a nursery one day. What do you think, are these too vintage?

Flashcard love and all of mine!

The Future Mrs.

I am going to change my name. My last name that is.

Although at one time in my childhood I did secretly change my first name from Lacey to Laura Bell. That was only when I was playing beauty-shop with my mom and brushing her hair. All other times I would answer to Lacey ... or Wacey ... or Stacey ... or Haley Beth ... or Darbey Rhea ... or Tanya ... or Joyce ... .

I'm not really ecstatic about changing names because I enjoy my last name and will need some time to adjust to my new last name. I have been trying to feel out the process of changing my name as I think it will take time, money and paperwork. My least favorite things.

As according to Thirty Something Bride, here is her advice about going at this process. Yes, this is another list in my life:

Here's what you need to do:

All things start with your Social Security Card and Driver's License. Do those first.

Go here to get the SS-5 form for your Social Security Card.

You'll need to go to your particular state's DMV website to get your form. 99.9% of the time you will need your marriage license when you submit. In person. At the DMV. Suckage.

The other biggies?

The U.S. Postal Service- but really only if you're moving in with you're honey and changing addresses.

Passport (You will need to mail in a physical marriage license, but you get it back. I highly recommend getting one or two extra notarized copies. In Tennessee you can request them in writing with a handy dandy on-line form and they are $5 each. It takes less than a week to get them back.)

Credit Cards


Health Care Providers

Frequent Flier Cards/Membership Cards (this one has quite honestly been the most difficult group)


Student Loans

Car Loans

Your place of employment (they'll need a copy of your new SS card)

Investment Houses (401K, IRA, etc)

Legal documents (wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.)

Voter Registration

There are also some web sites out there that offer all these forms for FREE.

Now, the webiste that I wasted my money on does have a handy checklist that lets you know when you're done filling stuff out. But please, any moron can do this. eHow has a free check list that you can use - that again, is free.

I'd say save your $30 for a spring t-shirt or two at Old Navy and DIY this one, ladies. It's just not worth it.

Now I know this doesn't apply to you readers. Basically, I needed a place to post this so that I won't forget how to do all of this in June/July when I have free time and will have a consistent mailing address.

Changing names love and all of mine!

PS. Dra-dden and family would appreciate prayers as he is recovering from appendicitis surgery. Appendectomy? Visit his Mommy here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rustic Chic

I want this, or something similar to this, in our bathroom.

I think that it would be perfect to hang bathrobes and brighten the small space with a few flowers!

Found at this Etsy shop.

This is 22 bucks. I wonder if I could make it for cheaper?
O yeah, this DIY ambition has gotten me up to my eyeballs in wedding projects.
Maybe I should just purchase it and call it a day!

More on my favorite Etsy finds later! Thanks to Sonita Maria for inspiring me to do some online browsing today.

Today is a busy day with the infamous bachelorette party tonight in Kansas City! Kansas City here I come!

Nesting love and all of mine!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Peachy and Perfect

I love this gallery on Joy Thigpen's site.


I can't paste any pictures onto this post but you should jump on over and check it out!

I love the delicate peach, cream, yellow and pink hues of the feminine flowers up against the rough, hardwood tabletop flanked by the silver pieces. This is what I am going for in the wedding decor. I think if I look at these pictures everyday, I will be able to achieve this look at the wedding!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
Our 2nd graders watched Dumbo today at lunch recess because of the rainstorms.

Is this too feminine? (Please say it ain't so!)

Just Peachy love and all of mine!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Please leave a message at the beep.


I am productive today.

I am being patient after my interview for the ESL Coordinator job at Prairie View.
I emailed a few principals to keep my name out there in the job market.
I washed my car inside and out. I had a bug cemetery on my front bumper.
I ran a load of dishes.
I made chocolate chip pancakes and cheesy scrambled eggs, for one. Don't ask me about my diet.
I am working on addressing envelopes for invitations. It's going to cost more, and not look as nice, but I'm a "M" so I'm doing it myself.

Tomorrow night, I am going to stuff all the envelopes with those lovely invitations from Auntie J.
Friday they will be in the hands of the United States Postal Service. And, I will be in the hands of my favorite ladies treating me to a bachelorette party!

How lovely is this bridal bouquet?
Via Kiss the Groom.

Random love and all of mine!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby, Why Don't We Go...

... to Mexico. We'll get there fast and then take it slow.
Well, those are my plans. Gardener Guy wants to get there and jump off cliff, scuba in the deep seas, explore the Ruins, visit with the locals and eat as many burritos as possible.

I want to get there fast and then take it slow.

We will be flying into Cancun, Mexico in two months. Two months people! Then, I will be relaxing on a beach. He can jump off of a waterfall cliff like a crazy person on his own, like I said, I will be on the beach. GG picked out the honeymoon local all on his own and I am so excited because the all-inclusive resort looks fabulous and that was one less decision that I had to make!

I have agreed to one whole day of adventure. I'm hoping to parasail and snorkel and call it a day.

I love adventure. But, after 4 long years of hustle and bustle at college and planning ahead for busy work schedules, I want to take it slow for a week!

The other day, I stumbled upon this on 100 Layer Cake blog.
The ladies at 100LC say that the key Mexican ensembles is to keep evening wear simple and to not underestimate embroidered mini dresses! I have an embroidered maxi dress so I'll work on finding the mini. I am looking forward to finding a local shop/booth/tent? to pick a few original jewelry pieces!

Honeymooning love and all of mine!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Garden

Mama posted about her lovely lilac bouquets from Baby Lisa's lilac bush. Baby Lisa was given the gift from Aunt Wilma and Uncle Evan at church as a baby gift. It is lovely.
Read about it here.

Baby Lisa thinks that I stole her idea of having a backyard wedding but I think that she can still have one if she really wants it. Mind you she's nearly 16 so she's not close to getting married. I was thinking the other day that Gardener Guy and I started dating when I was 16; I can't imagine Baby Lisa getting married any time soon!

In time, I think that this inspiration board would be just splendid for her.

In The Garden

Plus, In The Garden was the name of Uncle Evan's favorite song. How perfect!

If it is too gardeny for her, I think that this inspiration board might be more up her sparkly alley!

Sparkle and Bubbly

I think a bouquet of her lilacs would be quite lovely.

Baby Lisa: What do you think?

Lilac love and all of mine!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For being a young and, moderately, healthy adult, some days I lack ambition.
Some days I feel exhausted from the past 8 years.
School, church, activities, working, planning, friends, fiances -- oops just one of these!, family. This list is in no particular order.

Some days I look back and think, "Why did I almost kill myself running around like a crazy lady trying to accomplish everything and newest revelation...... make everyone else happy?"


Today, I am feeling ambitious.

I interviewed with a very nice principal yesterday but was told I would have to wait almost a month to hear either yay or nay. In the meantime I have been scouting out other opportunities. One of which would be in a different school district and would be English as a Second Language Coordinator for the district. From everything that I have been told, I have the qualifications to do this. I have the justifications to try -- and a three year contract with the State of Kansas to remind me in case I forgot.

Do I have the ambition?

I think that I do. I have been thinking about this opportunity lately and think that it would be a great challenge to put my knowledge to work! I, of course, am still interested in any classroom teaching job, but am keeping my options open.


Will I get burnt out? Will I be qualified? Will I have help? Is it worth the extra work that would be needed?


I am clearing these insecurities out of my mind and hoping to hear back for an interview.

Teaching love and all of mine!

PS. This positive attitude may stem from an afternoon with Student Teachers at Dairy Queen and an afternoon off! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Countdown Continues, still.

2 months. 9 weeks. 61 days.

I don't really count down by days, or months, or even weeks. I count down by weekends. Weekends are the only times that I am back home and can really get down to business.

9 weekENDS until the Big Show!
Weekend 1: No definite plans but would like to go home to take a load of furniture.
Weekend 2: My Bachelorette Shower in KC and Baby Lisa's Prom -- you should see her dress, wowza!
Weekend 3: Gardener Guy's cousin's Wedding and my Bridal Shower at Sonita Maria's house
Weekend 4: Our 5 year dating anniversary -- I'm hoping for a dinner date!
Weekend 5: Graduation and Grad party! K's Bachelorette Party
Weekend 6: K's Wedding!
Weekend 7: Sorority Sis's Wedding/Memorial Day Weekend
Weekend 8: Does City-Wide Garage Sale count? JK. Weekend 8 will be Controlled Chaos.
Weekend 9: Wedded Bliss Begins!

I will be able to get things accomplished after Weekend 5, I'm almost positive!

Countdown love and all of mine!

Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Year Plan

Gardener Guy and I have a 5 year plan.
I feel that everyday of this 5 year plan could be negotiable though.
Except that we'll still be married.

I want this to remember our first 5 years.

Sometimes when I am helping Mama clean out our basements, I find my old diaries and have a good laugh. One time Mama "found" (See: Snooped around my room until she found it) my journal as a 14 year old. She had a good cry. Daddy laughed at her for snooping around her kid's room and then getting her feelings hurt when she read something she didn't like.

I will never snoop on my children. Their Gramma will do it for me. I promise, in this journal I will have good things to say about my Mama.

Dear Diary love and all of mine!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Fabulous

I really need to start thinking about getting photo fabulous for the wedding.

According to The Knot, I was supposed to start my beauty routine over a month ago. Don't tell Mama but I rarely wash my face with anything other than shower water and moisturizer. Mama has a 5 step routine every night that I should adopt before I am too wrinkly. Anyway, The Knot is now on my back too to get with the program.

I am fairly certain of the hair and makeup that I want for my bridal look.

Here is the program that I have adopted:

1. I have set up my trials a week before the wedding to practice the hair and makeup and will be getting my hair highlighted that day as well.

2. I got a gift card at Christmas for the Cosmetology Academy in town so I will be treating HayBee to get a pedicure with me before graduation.

3. I will be putting that spa card from Mama and Daddy D to good use with a girl's day to get a manicure and a facial prior to the wedding too!

4. I might fake-bake a few times before the wedding as well to get a bit of color on my fair skin and avoid burning the whole week in Mexico.

This counts as a beauty program right?

Photo fab love and all of mine!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Tuesdays are blah but Shoesdays are ahh!

With my birthday money from Mama and Daddy, I made a purchase from Piperlime Online.

Shoes to get hitched in! They are flat sandals so I won't trip, ok maybe I will, but I won't be able to blame it on the shoes. They are metallic gold and they are floral! They are lovely!

They are supposed to ship in 3-5 business days, in plenty of time before my 2nd dress fitting but I sure do hope that they ship before I get home this weekend!

Here they are!
I am pretty sure that I will be taking these along for the trip to Mexico as well!

Shoesday love and all of mine!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let Some Bunny Love You

I had the most wonderful birthday and Easter weekend! It was full of family, fun and "foo foo la la diddly dee", which is to say wedding stuff.

It started getting home on Thursday evening. I got to see all of the progress on Northview. It is shaping up to be a great starter house!

Friday, Mama and I went to my first dress fitting. It was so fun to play dress up again and I can't wait to try the dress on again next month! After the fitting, okay-ed the invitations, bought stamps, and got rejected from the Court House to pick up our marriage license because I was 3 minutes late. Seriously, when does a court house close at 3:30?

Friday evening Gardener Guy's parents picked me up, we visited a young couple who had twins (on April Fool's Day!). We visited the babies in the NIC Unit and I had a rough go. I got overheated and lost my breath and had to leave. GG says that I should not think about having babies any time soon. He must be "outside his mind." We met his sister and bro-outlaw for dinner and then went to a live theater for his parents' 30th wedding anniversary! They treated us to Cheesecake Factory afterwards!

On Saturday morning, Mama and I picked up the invitations and then had an invitation party. We also bought bubbles at Wal-Mart. I hadn't planned on throwing anything after the ceremony but maybe a picture with bubbles would be pretty adorable. We found a quote and tied cards to the bubbles that read, "After the ceremony, please blow bubbles of good wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs." Cute huh?

Saturday evening, The Fam and Gardener Guy's family had dinner for my birthday and we toured Northview. We also played a couple rounds of Bocce ball in our yard. It made got me anxiously excited for the Backyard Chic wedding and reception! Also, GG's family got me a spa giftcard! :) The ladies are planning a spa day a few weeks before the wedding. I'm thinking about a manicure and a Get a Glow facial.
Mama D and JoJo. Check out that Birthday Dinner spread!
Bocce Ball!
Stratty loved Mama's Easter Bunny

22 candles!

Sunday morning was my birthday and Easter Sunday! We went to church and Daddy had an rejuvenating sermon about promises and prophecies. I met Gardener Guy's family for Easter lunch and more bocce ball. We laughed and laughed and I was voted out of the family for not letting Daddy D win. I think that they will reconsider. GG's Mama and sisters were patient in listening to my wedding drama and gave advice that helped to clear the air.

Sunday afternoon, we had our family Easter Egg Hunt and Gramma and GranDaddy's house. I had such a good time that I didn't leave home until 8pm and didn't return to my apartment until after 10:30pm. I only have 4 roundtrips left until I graduate and I cannot wait to settle in on Sunday afternoon without dreading a 2 hour drive.

Fun filled weekends and all of mine!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Foo Foo La La Diddley Dee

Mama and I picked up the printed invitations this morning! Yay! We waited to have them printed in April to hit a "special", and with using our own cardstock paper, the cost came out to be very reasonable. Too bad our stamps were not too reasonable considering that we had to buy regular stamps and post card stamps. We had to go to the Post Office to get the stamps because the UPS store does not carry the "foo foo la la diddley dee" stamps. Auntie J does this surprise you?

I had made tentative plans to have Gardener Guy's Mama and sister over to help cut, sort, stack, stick and bundle the invitation suites. They made it over and helped so much! Thank you to them!
Grandma S, HayBee, Baby Lisa (with an ear infection), Chic Chick and GG's sis JoJo.
GG's Mama came and helped color trees.

Even Gardener Guy eventually made it over to help stick labels and stamps. When we worked outside, he was the boss. Since we were working inside, I was the boss.

Our To-Do list remains:
-assemble approximately 75 more invitations
-run envelopes through the printer for mailing addresses
-stamp envelopes
-send through the mail!

Oh yeah. The map madness. Gardener Guy sketched up a map, but it was far too technical. I decided to try my hand at designing. I'm not crazy about it but I think that it will serve its purpose. After all, Grandma S said that it is hard to find our drive way. Oh boy, I hope someone will drive her here.

PS. Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, I am an Easter baby this year! GG's family came over tonight to help celebrate with my family. Stratty helped me blow out candles on my red velvet cake!
Don't laugh at HayBee's Sunken Cake. She's says its the best way a cake can bake.

More Easter and Birthday pictures to come tomorrow!

Invitation love and all of mine!