Monday, May 24, 2010

Dancing Queen

Gardener Guy and I are meeting with our Dee-Jay tonight! I have spent all morning getting paperwork together for this party -- paperwork for a party? Yes, paperwork for a party. I will suffer through it though because we are planning on our DJ to be our Master of Ceremonies for the day and to keep the party going for our Bridal Party and guests.

I have been on YouTube all morning listening to songs to determine Must-Play songs and Do-Not-Play songs for the reception. We narrowed the Do-Not-Play list to rap. As far as the playlist goes, we have been choosing from thousands of songs in Disco, Dance, Motown, 80's-Rock, 90's pop, Country and current top hits! Whew this has been a morning!

Through all of this, GG and I haven't been able to narrow down a First-Dance song. We will have the lyrics to our "song" read in the ceremony so we won't be dancing to this. I have 2 or 3 songs that I would really like, but he's not crazy about them. We've thought about classics, slow, fast, salsa (ha!), country, pop, rock ballads and even Hawaiian. Still... no dice.

I'm hoping we'll make a decision with the DJ tonight as he said he would help us plow through the selections.

Stay tuned for our selections!

Music love and all of mine!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mirror, mirror in the tree...

Classic Bride inspired me.

She was holding an auction for some goodies that she had in her wedding and that she has adopted, refurbished and is ready to sell! But this bride-on-a-budget (and her parents!) are digging for pennies this close to the wedding so I knew that mirror was out of the question. But oh, so pretty to look at right?


Enter Aunt Skeeter.

Aunt Skeeter was my Gramma's aunt, Mama's great aunt and my great, great aunt! She was a delightful woman with the shrilliest giggle you can imagine. She latched on to Mama because they shared the red-haired gene. (Remember, one of my Chic kiddos will more than likely be a red head?)

Now I am sure that you are wondering why we called her "Skeeter"? In the words of my 5 year old babysittee J-Dub "I have no idea."

Whatever the reason for her name, Aunt Skeeter drove a shiny red sportscar and lived alone in an apartment in KC her final years and would visit us on Thanksgiving and Easter.

About a year and a half ago, Aunt Skeeter passed away leaving some of her goodies to my Gramma and Mama.

One of these was this beauty.

Ok scratch beauty. It was a bit retro chic, but not quite Backyard Chic.

One bottle of white Rust-oleum spray paint, a piece of newspaper and painter's tape and this is now a Backyard Chic piece of art!

I am thinking that I will hang this in a tree above our Guest Book area that will include a dresser/hutch so it will be like bringing the indoors, out!

DIY love and all of mine!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 1

Sonoma Diet Day 1 starts today.

Oh, woe is me.

Did you know that I can't even have FRUIT until Phase 2? If I have to say no to fruit, then saying no to that plateful of graduation cake and cupcakes is going to be a slap in the face.

I don't even want to step on the scale after this weekend of celebration! What did I eat coming up this evening! Check out Auntie J and Mama's blog for the wonderful graduation celebrations with pictures to boot!

On a more positive note, Gardener Guy and I started moving into the house yesterday, picked up our new bedding at Kohl's, came home empty-handed from Petland's Puppy Days and I got to play house all evening.

It doesn't get any better than that! Well maybe with a vanilla cupcake and new puppy it could be better, but why go there?

Today, I am heading down to meet with my new principals, students, staff, and... paperwork...

Wish me luck, buttercup!

Dieting love and all of mine!
(Ok, that was an all out lie but I'm trying!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Private Moment Inspirations

I want to make it up to you for the lack of pictures in the last post!

Here are some inspiration pictures for our Private Moment. Our Photog says that this will be the most private moment of the entire day... this guy knows our family!

Ok enough chatty chat, here are some pics!
(I am REALLY sorry, but I can't find photo credit so I claim no rights to these pictures!)

This one is my favorite!See the excitement in the bride's face?
The nervousness in the groom's?
Loves it.

Gardener Guy doesn't really understand the logistics of these pictures, so I tried to explain to him that the photographer is going to try and capture both of our emotions as we see each other for the first time in our wedding get-up!

Photography love and all of mine!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The race is on...

...and here comes stress in the back stretch.

30 days, folks. A couple weeks and it will be all hands on deck.

Here is a round up of the last couple of days.*

-I missed my dress fitting. It was scheduled for Tuesday. Mama took off Tuesday and I told her I was sure it was on Wednesday. My seamstress called on Tuesday afternoon to ask if I was coming. Oops! We rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Mama and I got there, early! We will pick up the dress on June 8th, 10:00am. I have it written down in 3 different places.

-Gardener Guy and I met with the photographer on Wednesday. We nailed out the day-of schedule and that was a huge relief! Plus, I was able to determine that I get to sleep in on my wedding day! I probably won't, but the schedule will allow me to do so if I can! We are planning to do a "Private Moment" to see each other before the ceremony. I know this is not traditional, and other choose to wait, but it seemed to work for us.

We chose to do this for a few of reasons.
1. I think that seeing Gardener Guy before the ceremony will help me calm down and enjoy the day with my guy and keep priorities straight.
2. With the ceremony and reception both at my parents house, we are assuming that our guests will want something to do immediately following the ceremony. We didn't want to hold up the guests or our bridal party from eating and cavorting (right Auntie J?). Plus, this kid eats dinner at around 5:30, by the time 6:30 rolls around, I will need to boost my blood sugar!
3. I am trying to squeeze every ounce of emotion out of Gardener Guy that day! And maybe, just maybe, I will get 2 emotional moments (the Private Moment, and walking down the aisle)

Mama thinks that I'm crazing expecting to have a "Private Moment/1st Look/Reveal" in the backyard in the midst of the chaos of the day with vendors and bridal party milling around. Maybe Mama knows best.

-We didn't get to organize our RSVPs yet, but that may just have to wait until after graduation.

-I started to organize the basement. Well, the wedding corner at least. There was a method to my madness and I want it to accessible to find what we need in the next couple of weeks. Now my bedroom is a different story. Let's not go there, ok?

*(I originally typed weekend, but it's Thursday, not a real weekend.) Also, I apologize for no pictures!

Saturday will be graduation for both Gardener Guy and I, and then a bachelorette party for my friend K! I am so excited that we have almost completed this chapter of our lives and can't wait to see what God has in store for us next!

Countdown love and all of mine!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Father of the Bride

Gardener Guy and I will be loading up his Daddy's truck and trailer tonight and heading back home!

Tomorrow morning we will head clear up into Kansas City to meet with our photographer (I am so looking forward to this!) and then swing by the courthouse to pick up our marriage license.

Then, Mama and I will drive up for my 2nd dress fitting, which hopefully will be my last fitting!

Tomorrow evening, George, Nina and Annie will be sitting down around the kitchen table recording RSVPs that have been sent back!

Now tell me, you have seen this clip right? Let's just say, we don't bring up the budget around George or else he might go hot dog shopping. Lucky for Annie, Nina isn't adding everyone in the tri-county area and their dog.

Love to you Mama!


Father of the Bride love and all of mine!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The To Do List

Life to do list.
(Don't be confused, this is not a "bucket list", but rather a survive before you can thrive list.

-Find a job. Check

-Find a home. Check

-Finish Student Teaching, successfully. Check.

-5 year anniversary with Gardener Guy. Check.

-Dinner with sorority friends. Check.

- Pedicure with HayBee. Check.

-Graduate. Almost check.

I feel like I have been looking forward to May 7th all year, honestly. That was to be the last day of Student Teaching, my 5 year anniversary with Gardener Guy and prepping to graduate. I haven't had time to reflect on this semester, year or college experience to really let it sink in that I will be moving on to adulthood. Real adulthood, with bills and a paycheck (!!).

Tomorrow, I get to go home to work in the garden and get it ready for the wedding with Gardener Guy's direction. When planning for the wedding, I always thought to myself, "Self, the wedding soiree will sink in when it is close enough that you can plant in the garden." Yippee it is here!

This just in. (As is just popped into my mind!) In my midst of getting out Save the Dates, Wedding Invites, Graduation Announcements and passing the word about Showers, I have not had the time or creativity to create Graduation Party invites. If you would like to come out for the festivities, you are MORE THAN WELCOME!

Who: You and your family!

What: Graduation Celebration

When: May 15th. My graduation is at 11am, GG's is at 2:30. We will have light lunch in between and BBQ after his.

Where: Manhappy: Bramlage Coliseum and GG's house

To bring: A lawn chair for each rear that would like a place to sit! Your presence is gift enough!

RSVP: If you can plan in advance, that's great. If not and you show up, we'll be around back of the house! :)

Graduation love and all of mine!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are you ready to begin the test?

When I was younger, and uh, plumper, Mama would say, "Are you ready to begin the test?" This was my cue that I was supposed to lay as still as possible for the worst torture. Spankin' with the wooden spoon? Worse. She would make me lay still so that she would try to tickle me without me laughing or without getting goosebumps. I failed, every single time. I would get instant goosebumps the second she asked the question. And then she would laugh and laugh, and tickle me anyway.

This was only one of the mean tricks she would play on me.

One of the worst was when we would get upset with her and she would say, "Well don't get mad, your new mom will be here in the morning". Lies. A new mom never showed up. We forgave her eventually.

Did I mention the time in 3rd grade that she taught my class Social Studies? Well one time I didn't know the answer to a test question so I asked her what the answer was. She said that she couldn't tell me. To which I replied, "Well you should, you're my mom!". I was in tears in the hallway in a matter of seconds. Traumatic experience for the ultimate teacher's pet.

Although, it could have been worse. One of my favorite stories is from Auntie J's home. Many years ago, Auntie J wanted Sonita Maria to do come downstairs and do the dishes. She knew that Sonita Maria would not want to hear this chore, so she started the conversation something along the lines of, "Sonita Maria, your father and I are getting a divorce." To which Sonita Maria burst into tears. Auntie J replied, "Just kidding! I need you to do the dishes!".

Oh the mind games and dramatics these Mommies play on their poor, innocent children.

Speaking of dramatics...

Go check out this post on Always a Blogsmaid dedicated to my Supporting Star. Mama.

Cue the music, Wind Beneath My Wings.

Now with all of this M.O.B. bashing, don't forget that Mama went to hours, days, months worth of work to make the very best bridal gift surprise for her Baby Wacey. She loves me, she really really loves me. Not to mention, she spent all day planting flowers to get Hillcrest Estate ready for the Big Day!

We are looking for her garter as my Something Old, maybe she would like it to be known as Something Borrowed, rather than Old. It is older than me though, so that counts right?

Mama and Daddy.
Daddy says that she is the best cook that he knows that gets the least amount of credit. Well thank you P.W. for helping her redeem her kitchen!

There she is working that kitchen over to throw an amazing Thanksgiving dinner! Maybe I will let her borrow an apron. We'll see how she acts. << Another Mama-ism.

Mother of the Bride love and all of mine!

PS. I will absolutely, "tickle test" my children, threaten them with a new mom, and be the strictest teacher this side of my classroom. Mama didn't raise no fool.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Powder Room Pretties

After getting showered with kitchen goodies, I think that our powder room -- oh, who am I kidding, Gardener Guy will refuse to even let me pretend that I have a powder room -- will need to be spruced up!

Daddy has laid the flooring and installed the sink and vanity and faucet. I love the white beadboard, but Gardener Guy is a little bit oblivious to home decor. Mama picked out a lovely brushed nickel light to hang above the sink. The medicine cabinet is still installed, but I will say that it will provide a little extra storage room! I am looking for wall hooks to hang our robes on but I think that above our toilet (there's just no pretty way to describe it, although toilet has to be better than 'stool' as it is affectionately known at our house!) will need some artwork.

I am trying to keep the petite powder room light, fresh and spa like with creams, tans and pinches of chocolate brown. These prints would fit in perfectly!

Here are my top contenders from The Love Shop:
All you need is love.

Keep calm and have faith. Probably my favorite as I am slightly obsessed with "Keep Calm" prints.

There's no place like home. I mean, I do live in Oz-land, and a liiitttllee to close to my 'real' home.

Powder room love and all of mine!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forecast of Bridal Showers!

Two thoughts about the weather:

1. Yesterday (May 1st) I checked the Farmer's Almanac 2 month forecast and it read that June 6th-June 12th would be sunny and cool. Ideal weather for Gardener Guy to enjoy the outdoor wedding! That is "the good", "the bad" is that June 13-June 20 holds a prediction that thunderstorms will move in followed by sunshine. O boy, what if these T-storms move in early? Have I told you that I am coming to terms with Plan B?

2. I had a wonderful "shower". Ok bad weather transition but you get the idea!

Check out those aprons -- those are Chic Chicks!

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Auntie J, Sonita Maria, and Cowgirl in Pearls for the wonderful, fabulous, generous, thoughtful, personal shower at Sonita Maria's new home! You should see their new home, it feels like home from the moment you walk in, and they have only lived there a week!

They thought of everything! The food, the theme, the decor, the games, the guest list, the seating, the refreshments, even the thank you cards!

I am waiting for Mama to post pictures and then I will upload them to this post to share! Speaking of Mama, did I tell you that she is wonderful as well? She has been working since February to compile recipes and aprons from just about everyone that I know. I was so surprised (except that George Banks almost blew her hard work, luckily, I was oblivious to the magnitude of her work!) Unfortunately, now Gardener Guy will have some expectations that I will have to start working in the kitchen. I think I know what I will make him for our first married meal in our new home. I sure that will be a post in itself!

If you are lucky, Mama might share an (embellished) story about how Baby Lisa almost was left at home for the shower.

Bridal Shower love and all of mine!