Friday, January 28, 2011

Land Lord's Daughter

think: Coal Miner's Daughter. Even Bubby thought that was pretty clever so you should too!

As much as I would try to deny it, I am a Land Lord's Daughter. See this was the diamond in the rough we started with a year ago.
I have primed, painted, and repainted, schlaked and accent painted, primed,and painted a lot in our Love Shack.

This summer, Auntie J helped me paint our Living Room and hallway Tea and Cream. We left two walls Country White until I could decide on an accent color. You know when there is a giant sock pile in the middle of the room and it's horrendous, but after a few days you get used to it so it stays there? You don't? Well that happened many-a times growing up. But that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, I grew to ignore the 2 white walls until the past week. Last week we had a snow day and I worked up the courage to paint it by myself -- Gardener Guy despises painting. What do you know? Paint's frozen. Apparently, you can let it thaw out once. So I took today off for a much needed mental health day. Paint was thawed and ready to go. I used every last drop of the gallon finishing up those two walls and it looks great! I have a little too much tan going on right now so I'm looking for cream colored curtains to go with my Robin's Egg Blue drapes, and to break up the tan on tan action. Wish my legs had too much tan going on, but why go there?

BUT before I could even paint today, I got out my Land Lord's Daughter kit and showed mold who was boss. You see, our furnace went ka-poot. So we installed a wall unit that hooks up to our gas line and heats our house wonderfully. (And I don't have to carry in wood for the wood stove.) The down side to the wall unit is that it puts a lot of moisture in the air. So each week, I take my clorox mix and scrub scrub scrub our baseboards where the moisture collects and grows, well, mold. "BLACK MOLD!!" Just kidding, I'm a good tenant, right Daddy?

So mold is cleaned up for now and paint is drying! I also am working on painting a small shelf in our dining room and searching for inspiration on how to decorate it, without cluttering it. I hate clutter.

Gardener Guy promised me a trip to HomeGoods tonight, it will be my first time and I am hoping to be inspired!

And just to prove to you I bear my title, Land Lord's Daughter, in good nature, here is a picture of the Land Lord with his clean-up crew away from fighting mold.
Yep, my eyes are closed. :)

Land Lord love and all of mine!

Psst. I saw on a blog this week where the grandkids called their Grampa, Coach. How absolutely adorable is that. He's not really a Grand-pappy Papa Poo guy anyway, he's a Coach.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

La La Love You

La La Love You.
La La Love This.
It's a play on my name, and I love plays on names.
While I'm at it, I love names too.

Adorable in a nursery right?

I'm a reading and English teacher, so I'm loving this too!

And if I could quilt, I would try one of these on for size.
A pillow might just have to do. I can handle a pillow.
I have been honing in on nurseries around blogland and love those that don't look like they were ordered in one giant set online from a big distributor.

All of these adorable items can be found on Etsy:
SparklePower shop.

La La Love and all of mine!

Psst. No Baby D news. I'm just expanding my decor inspiration.

Monday, January 24, 2011

We're On the Map!

Get a load of this!

We're on the map, minus a small spelling error, but still! How neat is this pillow?

Enter to win one here.

Home town love and all of mine!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Walk By Faith

From the time of my 1st Lola disaster this fall, to my run-in with the deer, literally, and then gabbing about the weather ... I have been very aware lately.

I don't have a tattoo, and have lost interest in pretending I want one, but in college I had thought about it. I wanted to get, Walk by Faith (2 Corinthians 5:7), on the arch of my foot. Over time in college, I continued the walk and forgot about the tattoo.

Lately I have been aware of how God is walking with me. Did I lose you yet?

Last night, I got a call that my meeting in another town was canceled in the morning. I'll be honest, I was bummed. I would have gotten to sleep in an extra hour, an extra hour! I grumbled and groaned and went to work on time. I rescheduled my reading time with my students, who I had previously canceled for the meeting. And in the first 2 minutes of working with my student I realized that God had canceled my meeting for a reason so that we could take a walk.

Without revealing too much on the internet, my student revealed to me some abuse in his home. After talking with my mentor teacher and the student's classroom teacher about his revelations, I contacted our Social Worker. She contacted services and steps are being taken to protect the student and siblings.

My heart broke for the student this morning who was brave enough to open up trust another adult, and I am so aware and thankful of His mercy and compassion. Remember, He is walking with us.

Compassionate love and all of mine!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100th Post

100th post and a snow day!


Wishing I was here though.

PS. I started P 90 X workout today and it kicked my patootie. Next time I see the ocean, I will be one happy girl in one smaller dress size.

Monday, January 10, 2011

You Know What He Did?

I love that part. "You know what he did...?"

Warning: Unless you want a conversation with Little Ears about privates parts, you might want to watch with Little Ears out of the room.

Ok, so that was a terrible attention grabber to transition to deep thought, but I love that part, "You know what he did...?"

Enter transition.

Mama and I despise Winter.

Well, see the problem with Winter is that it lasts for so long. Take last year, it started early in October and hung around well into March. Much too long if you ask me. Also, Lola has already begged and pleaded with me to move South, she hates Winter even more than I do! Snow plows, hail storms, 14-point bucks... The Big Guy must know this about us, and He must know that I have been struggling with many parts of my job and I didn't need to worry about commuting all Winter 40 miles in snow and ice one way for 5 months.

"You know what He did?"

He held off Winter ALL THE WAY UNTIL JANUARY! And warmer weather is in sight! I know this is a rare mild Winter and I couldn't be more thankful that it fell this year.

Go ahead, watch that clip one more time. That little boy is too cute not to.

Warm weather love and all of mine!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Young House Love(r)

Do you read Young House Love?

John and Sherry are a husband and wife blogger team that are DIYing their 2nd home. They are fabulous and funny, and their daughter Clara is just a doll baby.

I love their style and have been working on saving design inspiration photos and projects. Here is their Projects Page. Also, they are all about designing on a dime and saving up for splurges -- just what I need to be reading about!

Don't tell Gardener Guy but I have bookmarked the Baby Business tab in their projects. Hehe.

Young House Love and all of mine!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Uncle PB Kisses taught class Sunday morning and we talked a lot about coveting.

Coveting (or lack thereof) is easy to explain in Sunday school when you don't want your kids to covet a new bicycle or Barbie or something.

I'm currently battling my coveting of a new job: namely a Kindergarten job for my alma mater. Every morning I drive by and imagine pulling into the parking lot (even though the sun hasn't even come up because I have to leave so stinkin' early in the morning) and unlocking my classroom door to prepare for day with 5 year olds. Thanks to Daddy, I have an overactive imagination that no reality could ever live up to.

Contentment > Covetousness

Wish me luck.

Contentment love and all of mine.