Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Few Favorite Photos

We finally received our photo discs!
I have been creating a photo-book on Snapfish and can't wait to see how it turns out!

Here are a few of my favorites of the day:

I may or may not have cried and laughed throughout the entire ceremony.

We did it!


Backyard Chic moved indoors.

He's got a little King in him.

Get it MJ.

Gardener Guy totally surprised by our surprise dance.

Photo love and all of mine!

*All photos by Nichols & Co. Photography.


  1. My Marcia Brady is stunning....just stunning! I am in awe of how lovely you looked that day! And quite a dancer if I must say so....Yea...thank your momma for that sister! All those lessons with Raquel and the genes you inherited, huh? Okay okay, credit the Kings!

  2. Stunning! Absoutely Stunning! I second that!
    I'm not taking sides on the dancin GENE (Is that like Dancin Queen??? Oh yeah, that's Sonita)
    but looks like you got it from somewhere darlin'!
    PBKisses from one NON partial Auntie!