Monday, April 4, 2011

I'll Put The Ensure On Ice

Today I turned 23. And don't worry, I beat you to it -- I'm putting the Ensure on ice. (King of Queens anyone?) Gardener Guy treated me to pizza after my night class, a night of The Office (until the National Championship comes on).

In other news: I'm saving all my green gifts for this little lady:
A new(ish) Chic Cottage!

We've lived in our current Chic Cottage for almost a year. It's going to be hard to move out of this place and living so close to my parents but it's exciting making plans. Plus, most of my memories are up at the Big House anyway, so they will still be there. And no worries Mama -- I will be in town for Saturday morning coffee!

We are still in the process of closing for this house, so if all goes through, we will be closing and moving in by the end of the month!

Planning love and all of mine!

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  1. Makes me major sad that my 2nd parents won't be right down front anymore. :( What will I do?? :( But I am very happy for the both of you and your almost new house!(: I love love love you sissy! Happy Birthday!