Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waiting Game

I'm waiting on proof discs to be mailed so that I can order wedding photos. Then I will frame them... and then rearrange in my cottage.

Waiting, waiting. What is it with the wedding business?
My vendors were excellent and I was so pleased with their services.

However, almost everyone I talk to that has been recently wedded is waiting on their photographer. Maybe that is just the name of the game but c'mon: the discs are just proofs. So burn the CD and send it in the mail. Don't get me wrong, I saw the online proofs and I love the photos, I think he captured the day beautifully. He had an artistic eye, but don't lack on the professionalism of honestly communicating with clients and deadlines.

Here's a tip: send my photos!

In the meantime: here is our online gallery with the option to purchase (and drain your bank account).

Username: Draper Wedding (include space between words and capital letters)
Password: 14276

Let me know if there are photos you want and I can copy them once the discs arrive!

Browsing love and all of mine!

PS. You already knew I was impatient.

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  1. Thank you Sissy for the sweet ANNAversary wishes...Aren't you happy that we got together back in 1980 and fell in love?????