Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cottage Chic

I told you about Auntie J and I "chic"ing up my cottage right? I have been finishing up our projects this week, which boils down to painting, and repainting.

1. We transformed my living room walls from Country White to Tea n Cream. So warm and cozy. I finished edging the ceilings and touching up on trim yesterday. Daddy and Mama visited last night and were happy with the transformation. Score.

2. We painted and distressed my side tables using the Tea n Creme and leftover Ottertail from my parents' remodel. They looked great. But against our 1980's "distressed" couch and tan walls, they looked less chic, and more.. cheap. So I repainted with Country White, will apply a second coat and then... add the finishing touch: wallpaper, (from Lowe's).

Idea from Love and Lace and Centsational Girl.

I will apply the wallpaper in the square on top of the side table with a minty turquoise finish.

*Green lantern: sweet victory with Auntie J. *Brown haired Chic Chick. *Notice the "distressed" couch?

I have 2 of these side tables, so I will try it on both. I'm trying not to overdo the aqua and mint color combo but I love it so with the tan and white.

3. The last project was Auntie J inspired. She had a vision to use Aunt Skeeter's mirror above our couch, as it is bare bones right now. To frame the mirror, she suggested using distressed shutter shades. She was spot on. We barely were in the flea market before I found the shutters that were perfect for our project!

We used Tea n Creme, leftover black paint (Thank you for Daddy's biz and Mama's painting obsession!) and a can of black spray paint to paint and wipe and paint and wipe these babies. They were beauts. Then I got a little impatient and threw some aqua colored paint on too. And then I couldn't stop.

What do you think of our Work Week? I think Auntie J may have created a monster because...

I'm already inspired to transform my Country White dining room walls from this...

into this.
Again, Centsational Girl.

I love the ivory and chartreuse with the deep wood color.

Can I show you his and hers baby nurseries that I stumbled upon and love?
Oh, goodness Gardener Guy is barely adjusting to the painted walls, I better not even go there. :) Maybe another day!

Painting love and all of mine!


  1. LOVE the shutters. Been starting a few crispy projects of my own. Nothing as exciting as yours - it's been sooooo very long! Have fun!

  2. Ilove the cottage chic look you got going on...you are really coming right along sister....If you start moving furniture, you better tell Gardener Guy....he might not find the recliner!!!!