Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Army

Old Navy Christmas Wishlist 2010.

Ok... so some of these are sold-out, or you know, only available in Darb's size; but this is a WISH list. Typically, I shop Gap Online, but I love how Old Navy uses color, more-so than Gap. Keep in mind, I keep it safe with colors. Jeepers, that was fun playing on Paint.

Other items on my Christmas Wish List:
-Blackberry Curve. I'm due for a free upgrade.
-Rubber cutting board. My glass one is a little too noisy, and well, breakable.
-Weekly planner: Wal-Mart special.
-Lunch box: I think Mama Out-Law is taking care of this one.
-Winter Coat, with hood. My current coat's zipper fell off this week.
-Books or games for my classroom/office.

Gardener Guy and I each splurged this year. I bought a couch, he bought a truck. So ... we're doing stocking stuffers for each other, and Jasmine might get some chew toys, or a new old sock.

What is on your Wish List?

Holiday love and all of mine!

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  1. I think I'll put cardigans (in 10 different colors) on my list!