Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mirror, mirror in the tree...

Classic Bride inspired me.

She was holding an auction for some goodies that she had in her wedding and that she has adopted, refurbished and is ready to sell! But this bride-on-a-budget (and her parents!) are digging for pennies this close to the wedding so I knew that mirror was out of the question. But oh, so pretty to look at right?


Enter Aunt Skeeter.

Aunt Skeeter was my Gramma's aunt, Mama's great aunt and my great, great aunt! She was a delightful woman with the shrilliest giggle you can imagine. She latched on to Mama because they shared the red-haired gene. (Remember, one of my Chic kiddos will more than likely be a red head?)

Now I am sure that you are wondering why we called her "Skeeter"? In the words of my 5 year old babysittee J-Dub "I have no idea."

Whatever the reason for her name, Aunt Skeeter drove a shiny red sportscar and lived alone in an apartment in KC her final years and would visit us on Thanksgiving and Easter.

About a year and a half ago, Aunt Skeeter passed away leaving some of her goodies to my Gramma and Mama.

One of these was this beauty.

Ok scratch beauty. It was a bit retro chic, but not quite Backyard Chic.

One bottle of white Rust-oleum spray paint, a piece of newspaper and painter's tape and this is now a Backyard Chic piece of art!

I am thinking that I will hang this in a tree above our Guest Book area that will include a dresser/hutch so it will be like bringing the indoors, out!

DIY love and all of mine!

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