Monday, January 10, 2011

You Know What He Did?

I love that part. "You know what he did...?"

Warning: Unless you want a conversation with Little Ears about privates parts, you might want to watch with Little Ears out of the room.

Ok, so that was a terrible attention grabber to transition to deep thought, but I love that part, "You know what he did...?"

Enter transition.

Mama and I despise Winter.

Well, see the problem with Winter is that it lasts for so long. Take last year, it started early in October and hung around well into March. Much too long if you ask me. Also, Lola has already begged and pleaded with me to move South, she hates Winter even more than I do! Snow plows, hail storms, 14-point bucks... The Big Guy must know this about us, and He must know that I have been struggling with many parts of my job and I didn't need to worry about commuting all Winter 40 miles in snow and ice one way for 5 months.

"You know what He did?"

He held off Winter ALL THE WAY UNTIL JANUARY! And warmer weather is in sight! I know this is a rare mild Winter and I couldn't be more thankful that it fell this year.

Go ahead, watch that clip one more time. That little boy is too cute not to.

Warm weather love and all of mine!

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