Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are you ready to begin the test?

When I was younger, and uh, plumper, Mama would say, "Are you ready to begin the test?" This was my cue that I was supposed to lay as still as possible for the worst torture. Spankin' with the wooden spoon? Worse. She would make me lay still so that she would try to tickle me without me laughing or without getting goosebumps. I failed, every single time. I would get instant goosebumps the second she asked the question. And then she would laugh and laugh, and tickle me anyway.

This was only one of the mean tricks she would play on me.

One of the worst was when we would get upset with her and she would say, "Well don't get mad, your new mom will be here in the morning". Lies. A new mom never showed up. We forgave her eventually.

Did I mention the time in 3rd grade that she taught my class Social Studies? Well one time I didn't know the answer to a test question so I asked her what the answer was. She said that she couldn't tell me. To which I replied, "Well you should, you're my mom!". I was in tears in the hallway in a matter of seconds. Traumatic experience for the ultimate teacher's pet.

Although, it could have been worse. One of my favorite stories is from Auntie J's home. Many years ago, Auntie J wanted Sonita Maria to do come downstairs and do the dishes. She knew that Sonita Maria would not want to hear this chore, so she started the conversation something along the lines of, "Sonita Maria, your father and I are getting a divorce." To which Sonita Maria burst into tears. Auntie J replied, "Just kidding! I need you to do the dishes!".

Oh the mind games and dramatics these Mommies play on their poor, innocent children.

Speaking of dramatics...

Go check out this post on Always a Blogsmaid dedicated to my Supporting Star. Mama.

Cue the music, Wind Beneath My Wings.

Now with all of this M.O.B. bashing, don't forget that Mama went to hours, days, months worth of work to make the very best bridal gift surprise for her Baby Wacey. She loves me, she really really loves me. Not to mention, she spent all day planting flowers to get Hillcrest Estate ready for the Big Day!

We are looking for her garter as my Something Old, maybe she would like it to be known as Something Borrowed, rather than Old. It is older than me though, so that counts right?

Mama and Daddy.
Daddy says that she is the best cook that he knows that gets the least amount of credit. Well thank you P.W. for helping her redeem her kitchen!

There she is working that kitchen over to throw an amazing Thanksgiving dinner! Maybe I will let her borrow an apron. We'll see how she acts. << Another Mama-ism.

Mother of the Bride love and all of mine!

PS. I will absolutely, "tickle test" my children, threaten them with a new mom, and be the strictest teacher this side of my classroom. Mama didn't raise no fool.


  1. What a precious mother's day gift to your wonderful momma. She is a wonder to all of us and I've always been inspired by her. I remember years ago,before I had babies, we were at Jamjars house and I was just watching her interact with you. I remember telling Sweet Grandma Ruth "She's such a great mom." I still watch her. There's so much I need to learn!

    PB KISSES and inspirational hugs!

  2. I don't know how I missed this posting earlier...It is wonderful and I love the photos but and this is a BIG BUT-T-T!!! I never, ever once in a thousand years would tickle me kids...threaten them with divorce but tickle? N-E-V-E-R!!! What kind of a ogre is your mother anyway?!?