Monday, May 24, 2010

Dancing Queen

Gardener Guy and I are meeting with our Dee-Jay tonight! I have spent all morning getting paperwork together for this party -- paperwork for a party? Yes, paperwork for a party. I will suffer through it though because we are planning on our DJ to be our Master of Ceremonies for the day and to keep the party going for our Bridal Party and guests.

I have been on YouTube all morning listening to songs to determine Must-Play songs and Do-Not-Play songs for the reception. We narrowed the Do-Not-Play list to rap. As far as the playlist goes, we have been choosing from thousands of songs in Disco, Dance, Motown, 80's-Rock, 90's pop, Country and current top hits! Whew this has been a morning!

Through all of this, GG and I haven't been able to narrow down a First-Dance song. We will have the lyrics to our "song" read in the ceremony so we won't be dancing to this. I have 2 or 3 songs that I would really like, but he's not crazy about them. We've thought about classics, slow, fast, salsa (ha!), country, pop, rock ballads and even Hawaiian. Still... no dice.

I'm hoping we'll make a decision with the DJ tonight as he said he would help us plow through the selections.

Stay tuned for our selections!

Music love and all of mine!


  1. Have you thought about Bolivian Folk? It might be interesting.

  2. I've got my request list all ready to give you....
    Can Dad and I sing karoke to I've Got You Babe?