Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Photo Fabulous

I really need to start thinking about getting photo fabulous for the wedding.

According to The Knot, I was supposed to start my beauty routine over a month ago. Don't tell Mama but I rarely wash my face with anything other than shower water and moisturizer. Mama has a 5 step routine every night that I should adopt before I am too wrinkly. Anyway, The Knot is now on my back too to get with the program.

I am fairly certain of the hair and makeup that I want for my bridal look.

Here is the program that I have adopted:

1. I have set up my trials a week before the wedding to practice the hair and makeup and will be getting my hair highlighted that day as well.

2. I got a gift card at Christmas for the Cosmetology Academy in town so I will be treating HayBee to get a pedicure with me before graduation.

3. I will be putting that spa card from Mama and Daddy D to good use with a girl's day to get a manicure and a facial prior to the wedding too!

4. I might fake-bake a few times before the wedding as well to get a bit of color on my fair skin and avoid burning the whole week in Mexico.

This counts as a beauty program right?

Photo fab love and all of mine!


  1. I like all 4 points....I can't believe you actually used the word "PROGRAM" on your own without your Daddy putting you on one!!!!!! Now that's progress!!!!!!!!!

  2. I like the sounds of the pedicure and none of us have as good skin as mom.. she was blessed

  3. I always have a program going! Guess it runs in the family. My advice regarding wedding photos is Photoshop! Love the gold, flat sandals. So, backyard chic!