Tuesday, April 13, 2010


For being a young and, moderately, healthy adult, some days I lack ambition.
Some days I feel exhausted from the past 8 years.
School, church, activities, working, planning, friends, fiances -- oops just one of these!, family. This list is in no particular order.

Some days I look back and think, "Why did I almost kill myself running around like a crazy lady trying to accomplish everything and ......my newest revelation...... make everyone else happy?"


Today, I am feeling ambitious.

I interviewed with a very nice principal yesterday but was told I would have to wait almost a month to hear either yay or nay. In the meantime I have been scouting out other opportunities. One of which would be in a different school district and would be English as a Second Language Coordinator for the district. From everything that I have been told, I have the qualifications to do this. I have the justifications to try -- and a three year contract with the State of Kansas to remind me in case I forgot.

Do I have the ambition?

I think that I do. I have been thinking about this opportunity lately and think that it would be a great challenge to put my knowledge to work! I, of course, am still interested in any classroom teaching job, but am keeping my options open.


Will I get burnt out? Will I be qualified? Will I have help? Is it worth the extra work that would be needed?


I am clearing these insecurities out of my mind and hoping to hear back for an interview.

Teaching love and all of mine!

PS. This positive attitude may stem from an afternoon with Student Teachers at Dairy Queen and an afternoon off! :)


  1. A M B I T I O N....I have a cheer ready and waiting to get you all pumped up!! You can do it Sissy!!!! God has a plan for you but you just don't know it yet!!! :0)

  2. Don't be such a maddening girl. Of course, you can do it, of course, you have the ambition, of course, of course, of course! 1st you'll graduation...no sweat. 2nd you'll get married (no matter what, come June 13th you'll be happily married) 3rd you'll get a job and they will be lucky to have you and if you have students,the students will be blessed by having you as their teacher. So breathe...the best is yet to be!