Monday, April 5, 2010

Let Some Bunny Love You

I had the most wonderful birthday and Easter weekend! It was full of family, fun and "foo foo la la diddly dee", which is to say wedding stuff.

It started getting home on Thursday evening. I got to see all of the progress on Northview. It is shaping up to be a great starter house!

Friday, Mama and I went to my first dress fitting. It was so fun to play dress up again and I can't wait to try the dress on again next month! After the fitting, okay-ed the invitations, bought stamps, and got rejected from the Court House to pick up our marriage license because I was 3 minutes late. Seriously, when does a court house close at 3:30?

Friday evening Gardener Guy's parents picked me up, we visited a young couple who had twins (on April Fool's Day!). We visited the babies in the NIC Unit and I had a rough go. I got overheated and lost my breath and had to leave. GG says that I should not think about having babies any time soon. He must be "outside his mind." We met his sister and bro-outlaw for dinner and then went to a live theater for his parents' 30th wedding anniversary! They treated us to Cheesecake Factory afterwards!

On Saturday morning, Mama and I picked up the invitations and then had an invitation party. We also bought bubbles at Wal-Mart. I hadn't planned on throwing anything after the ceremony but maybe a picture with bubbles would be pretty adorable. We found a quote and tied cards to the bubbles that read, "After the ceremony, please blow bubbles of good wishes for the new Mr. & Mrs." Cute huh?

Saturday evening, The Fam and Gardener Guy's family had dinner for my birthday and we toured Northview. We also played a couple rounds of Bocce ball in our yard. It made got me anxiously excited for the Backyard Chic wedding and reception! Also, GG's family got me a spa giftcard! :) The ladies are planning a spa day a few weeks before the wedding. I'm thinking about a manicure and a Get a Glow facial.
Mama D and JoJo. Check out that Birthday Dinner spread!
Bocce Ball!
Stratty loved Mama's Easter Bunny

22 candles!

Sunday morning was my birthday and Easter Sunday! We went to church and Daddy had an rejuvenating sermon about promises and prophecies. I met Gardener Guy's family for Easter lunch and more bocce ball. We laughed and laughed and I was voted out of the family for not letting Daddy D win. I think that they will reconsider. GG's Mama and sisters were patient in listening to my wedding drama and gave advice that helped to clear the air.

Sunday afternoon, we had our family Easter Egg Hunt and Gramma and GranDaddy's house. I had such a good time that I didn't leave home until 8pm and didn't return to my apartment until after 10:30pm. I only have 4 roundtrips left until I graduate and I cannot wait to settle in on Sunday afternoon without dreading a 2 hour drive.

Fun filled weekends and all of mine!


  1. Happy 22nd! I love you, always have, always will, but, if your mom has a new grandbaby before I do, heads will roll...I'm just saying.
    We want pictures of the inside of Northview. Did the invites turn out oK? After all that wait they should be danged near perfect!

  2. Great weekend...I'm exhausted tonight....You know I'm a "Queen of the Robe" momma. I'm glad you had a good birthday....Your cake was amazing!! :)