Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the Garden

Mama posted about her lovely lilac bouquets from Baby Lisa's lilac bush. Baby Lisa was given the gift from Aunt Wilma and Uncle Evan at church as a baby gift. It is lovely.
Read about it here.

Baby Lisa thinks that I stole her idea of having a backyard wedding but I think that she can still have one if she really wants it. Mind you she's nearly 16 so she's not close to getting married. I was thinking the other day that Gardener Guy and I started dating when I was 16; I can't imagine Baby Lisa getting married any time soon!

In time, I think that this inspiration board would be just splendid for her.

In The Garden

Plus, In The Garden was the name of Uncle Evan's favorite song. How perfect!

If it is too gardeny for her, I think that this inspiration board might be more up her sparkly alley!

Sparkle and Bubbly

I think a bouquet of her lilacs would be quite lovely.

Baby Lisa: What do you think?

Lilac love and all of mine!


  1. I don't want to think about Baby Lisa getting married...I can hardly think about you getting married. I mowed tonight and cried about it. I think I need therapy. As Z said...."Take a look around you Ellen...we're at the threshold...." He's so comforting!

  2. "It won't be very long, it won't be very long, won't be long."

    He is such a comforter.

    How about for a Sweet Sixteen party?

  3. i thought i had posted my comment a long time ago!! i guess it didn't go through :( that is just a lovely idea!! :)) i love it!! and my bouquet of lilacs would be VERY special! great idea sissy!!