Monday, April 12, 2010

The Countdown Continues, still.

2 months. 9 weeks. 61 days.

I don't really count down by days, or months, or even weeks. I count down by weekends. Weekends are the only times that I am back home and can really get down to business.

9 weekENDS until the Big Show!
Weekend 1: No definite plans but would like to go home to take a load of furniture.
Weekend 2: My Bachelorette Shower in KC and Baby Lisa's Prom -- you should see her dress, wowza!
Weekend 3: Gardener Guy's cousin's Wedding and my Bridal Shower at Sonita Maria's house
Weekend 4: Our 5 year dating anniversary -- I'm hoping for a dinner date!
Weekend 5: Graduation and Grad party! K's Bachelorette Party
Weekend 6: K's Wedding!
Weekend 7: Sorority Sis's Wedding/Memorial Day Weekend
Weekend 8: Does City-Wide Garage Sale count? JK. Weekend 8 will be Controlled Chaos.
Weekend 9: Wedded Bliss Begins!

I will be able to get things accomplished after Weekend 5, I'm almost positive!

Countdown love and all of mine!

1 comment:

  1. Weekend 1: Clean out flower beds, trim rose bushes, plant, move rocks, paint house, paint deck, paint porch... ? I will be happy to give you definite plans if needed. :0)
    Love, Momma