Friday, April 30, 2010

Gardener Guy's Best Friend

I would like to think that I am Gardener Guy's best friend. Then, he reminds me that he had his sweetheart Jasmine first. Jasmine is an over-weight, over-possessive, under-ambitious Golden Retriever that will be moving into Northview with us soon. I am excited, really.

Gardener Guy (more like Mountain Man) with Jasmine

She WILL NOT be invited to the wedding though. If she was to be hypothetically invited, I would consider a cliche "family picture" of the 3 of us. I mean, come on, check out that Puppy Jewelry!
Via Wedding Chicks.

But then Roxy would be jealous.

Puppy love and all of mine!

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  1. What?!? not invited to the wedding? You've got to be kidding me. Oh the things we could do with doggy treats tied with ribbons and how about rings tied to pet collars. I mean, come on!!! think outside that box...Pets are people too!