Saturday, April 3, 2010

Foo Foo La La Diddley Dee

Mama and I picked up the printed invitations this morning! Yay! We waited to have them printed in April to hit a "special", and with using our own cardstock paper, the cost came out to be very reasonable. Too bad our stamps were not too reasonable considering that we had to buy regular stamps and post card stamps. We had to go to the Post Office to get the stamps because the UPS store does not carry the "foo foo la la diddley dee" stamps. Auntie J does this surprise you?

I had made tentative plans to have Gardener Guy's Mama and sister over to help cut, sort, stack, stick and bundle the invitation suites. They made it over and helped so much! Thank you to them!
Grandma S, HayBee, Baby Lisa (with an ear infection), Chic Chick and GG's sis JoJo.
GG's Mama came and helped color trees.

Even Gardener Guy eventually made it over to help stick labels and stamps. When we worked outside, he was the boss. Since we were working inside, I was the boss.

Our To-Do list remains:
-assemble approximately 75 more invitations
-run envelopes through the printer for mailing addresses
-stamp envelopes
-send through the mail!

Oh yeah. The map madness. Gardener Guy sketched up a map, but it was far too technical. I decided to try my hand at designing. I'm not crazy about it but I think that it will serve its purpose. After all, Grandma S said that it is hard to find our drive way. Oh boy, I hope someone will drive her here.

PS. Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, I am an Easter baby this year! GG's family came over tonight to help celebrate with my family. Stratty helped me blow out candles on my red velvet cake!
Don't laugh at HayBee's Sunken Cake. She's says its the best way a cake can bake.

More Easter and Birthday pictures to come tomorrow!

Invitation love and all of mine!

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  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite Bride-niece! The UPS lady struck again! The assembly party looked fun...I'm sorry I missed it! and by the way HayBee is right, sunked cakes are delish!
    Sorry Baby Lisa is sick...Tell her to stay off the top of the pyramid while she has an ear infection...Altitude makes the ears hurt more!