Friday, April 9, 2010

5 Year Plan

Gardener Guy and I have a 5 year plan.
I feel that everyday of this 5 year plan could be negotiable though.
Except that we'll still be married.

I want this to remember our first 5 years.

Sometimes when I am helping Mama clean out our basements, I find my old diaries and have a good laugh. One time Mama "found" (See: Snooped around my room until she found it) my journal as a 14 year old. She had a good cry. Daddy laughed at her for snooping around her kid's room and then getting her feelings hurt when she read something she didn't like.

I will never snoop on my children. Their Gramma will do it for me. I promise, in this journal I will have good things to say about my Mama.

Dear Diary love and all of mine!


  1. I think I was just cleaning your room and that journal "jumped" into my hands and before I knew what was happening I read a few lines. Or something like that!!

  2. I read a note I made on an old bible study book the other day... it was from about 4-5 years ago...I realized that the thing that was tearing my insides apart at that time had been resolved, thank you Jesus!
    There are things I just don't want to know...makes going to sleep easier! So I don't snoop but I'm also paranoid and never write down anything I don't want Sweet Momma to read!