Friday, February 12, 2010

Backyard Chic meets Frontyard Fabulous!

One of the last few big things that Blake and I have crossed off our to-do list (and I live by my to-do list!) is where we will live after the wedding!

My Guy took a job in Olathe with the company he did an internship for last summer, Brickman. I am still in the discouraging process of finding a teaching job so we weren't sure where to look for a house. We liked the idea of living in Spring Hill and Paola, but hadn't thought about living in Oz. When we started to realize all of our bills that would be piling up after graduation, I became a bit panicked.

That's when Dear Ol' Daddy stepped in and saved the day! He offered for us to move into one of his properties, which is located... in my parents' front yard! Bring on the summer BBQs!

Have I learned nothing from Everybody Loves Raymond you ask? Do Frank and Marie not hit a little to close to home you wonder? I'm not worried and Blake isn't either, or else he is an awesome actor!Ray, Robby, Marie, Frank and Debra: what's not to love?

Renovation pictures are sure to come!

New house love and all of mine!

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