Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fantastic Fifty Flower Finds!

Busy weekend at the 'rents house!
One of my favorite tasks that we tackled this weekend was ordering flowers! We* will be doing our own flower arrangements from bouquets and bouts, to center pieces and decorations, and decorating the cake. I was nervous about taking on this challenge, but from early in the planning process I knew I wanted to "try" to arrange the flowers.

*We: myself, Mommy, Haley Beth, Darb, Sonita Maria and anyone else would would like to try out their green thumb! Maybe a few of those Awesome Aunts? Please, anyone?

After the New Year, Sonita Maria came down to watch Martha Stewart Weddings and to practice making bouquets and stayed for dinner date night to meet Haley Beth's BF CoCo. Anyway, back to flowers! My mama and I had bought a couple dozen roses from Wal-Mart to practice working with the flowers. So after many Martha DIY videos we started wiring flowers and trying to put together bouquets! It went pretty smooth once we figured out an assembly line: Darbey strip the stems of leaves, Soni cut wire and cut stems, and I would wire the blooms. Between Soni and I, we were able to group the flowers to look like a full bouquet. If you want my opinion, I think it turned out, well, fantastic!

We used coral roses and sprigs of baby's breath, which made it a bit more "garden-y".
Here is the process of making bridesmaids' bouquets:

So today we ordered bulk flowers online from Fifty Flowers.

Polo White roses for my bouquet,

Marlyse Salmon roses for bridesmaids,

Creamy blush garden roses for cake,

and salmon peach hydrangea for decor.

I can't wait to enjoy the fresh aroma of these on the big day!

Flower love and all of mine!

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