Monday, February 22, 2010

Sharp Dressed Man

"Lace, do you know who sings this song?" is about the extent of the conversations with Z when riding in his truck. Sharp Dressed Man of ZZ Top is probably on one of his many mix CDs.

A Sharp Dressed Man is what I'm looking forward to seeing in June, and July.. and August... you get the idea. My guy and his guys will be sharp in khaki linen suits and I think that they will look "simply charming".

My Guy, his daddy, and I went to CoachLight this weekend to reserve suits for all the men. It was important to the Big M that we didn't stick any guys in pink ties, (apparently men can't tell the difference between pink and coral) so we stuck with neutrals and I think the guys will be very happy. We ordered one for Guy with an ivory tie, 2 for the Daddies with light brown ties and 6 suits with darker ties for the groomsmen. They didn't have little penguin suits for the ringbearers (3 little guys!) so we will be searching for Easter outfits :)

Groomsmen with brownDon't you want to love on those cheeks? My inspiration for ring bearers.
Mama, if you look real close on the left picture, there is a bicycle!

Here's to getting the groom involved and all of my love!

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  1. Boom,
    I love those suits and you and Gardener did an awesome job picking out (Monte too!!) I like the neutral tie idea. I LOVE the bike!! And Piercey will be squeezeable.