Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black Ice

Sometimes I live vicariously through Daddy and Aunt Joyce's stories about growing up. One of the many stories I have heard is about my Grandpa and Grandma (the GP's) and all four kids loading up in the car and heading West to Denver to visit family. Between reading Little House on the Prairie stories and a few, "Mom! Rod stinks!" I am sure that there were many trips to remember. My dad tells of one blizzardy, wintery night the family took out on I70 West. Icy roads and snowy conditions I'm sure made my Grandma about as nervous as riding in a rowboat without a lifejacket. The storm worsened and my Grandpa hit a patch of ice to which my Grandma yelled, "BLACK ICE!"

Winter weather makes me nervous! A couple years ago, my Corolla Lola was hit by a snow scraper truck in Manhattan and took months to get through the body shop; to which 4 months later was in a hail storm and needed a whole new face lift. Poor Lo!

Lola is a fair weather fan.

Back to Black Ice. Black Ice is the story of my travels this semester. Every time I try to head home or back to Manhattan it is either snowing, sleeting, ice remains or a chance of a blizzard is looming. One particular night, I had to drive home in Haley Beth's Silverado Sylvia with no heat with windchills below zero and icy country roads, answering my Daddy's calls every 13 minutes making sure that I was not in a ditch somewhere. I made it home, only to be nearly attacked by Zach's precious pooch Harley.

Have I told you that Zach brought home a puppy and he was the hero of the family? I haven't? Well that is another blog another day friends!

Zachary B and Harley Bean. Bird in there.

Today, Blake and his sister Amanda, and I headed back to Manhattan to meet a wintery mix and more than a few cars in ditches (including one snow scraper --ruh roh!) We made it safely and I am working on not "nagging" his driving skills.

He should drive with my Grandma.

Here's to hoping for warmer weather! All my love!

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  1. #1 Black ice only happens on Sunday
    #2 Abby is much happier with Harold
    #3 Z is my precious baby boy and don't you forget it and Harley loves me dearly