Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentine's Day!

I am very excited for Valentine's Day this year for two reasons!

The first is that I'm Student Teaching in 2nd grade and so I will receive 21 lovely Valentine's cards from my rascals, (and an afternoon off of teaching for a Valentine's party!). I'll post a pic of the party next Thursday!
Miss Madden's Valentines: "Happy Valentine's Day Smartie!"

The second is that I don't have to think hard for a present for my guy. I always get him a necktie because his closet is lacking nice clothes. This year I'm keeping my eye open for an ivory, paisley tie that he could either wear for the wedding, or at the least the rehearsal or the honeymoon. I'll post a pic when I find one!

***Update! I ended up not getting a paisley tie for Valentine's Day but I'm keeping my eye open for his groom's gift. Instead, I got a purple tie from Target (pronounced tar-shay.) I really like the deep plum color and it might be perfect to wear for graduation: countdown is hovering at 3 months!

Can't go wrong with Target.

We exchanged gifts early today and here is what Blake treated me with after dinner with Aunt Joyce and Mike at Famous Dave's (which is a present within itself!)

A dozen coral roses and a BlackBerry! :) My poor old Samsung phone had been through the wringer! Love you!
Valentine's love and all of mine!

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  1. Sissy...
    I love your's so fun and so you. I've enjoyed every minute of helping you plan your wedding (although I know you might say different!) Aunt Joyce taught me well to say "uh huh that looks really nice" "whatever you think" :) You know just what you want and have awesome are creative and will be beautiful and Dad and I are so proud of you and Blake and yes George Banks will probably be curled up in a fetal position when he gives his baby away