Monday, February 15, 2010

Peddle your crazy somewhere else, we're full up here!

Do you watch The Bachelor? I only watch The Bachelor when he is down to the last three or four ladies and goes on hometown dates and the last few final rose ceremonies. With this being said, I did happen to watch the first few episodes of The Bachelor: Jake season. Each week I was astounded that he kept "The Crazy" aka Michelle. The poor guy just wanted a few minutes of fame to date America's top bachelorettes, why was this crazy pouring on her crazy a bit too soon? Doesn't everyone know not to let your skeletons out of the closet too soon in a relationship?
Michelle "The Crazy" Bachelor 2010

What in the world does this have to do with Backyard Chic? Well, today I am feeling much better after a few prayers, a night to sleep on it and a good day of teaching!

You, my few and fabulous readers are Jake, just looking for a good time in this blog. I apologize for "pouring on my crazy a bit too soon" and promise to blog about all things love and marriage, (and a baby carriage for you Grandma T... wayy after June 12th!) For those of you who were at Madden Christmas Extravaganza, we are still not expecting a baby next Christmas :)

As my Auntie J would say, "Pedal your crazy somewhere else, we're full up here!"

PS. My mama can vouch for many a emotional breakdowns and letting the bathroom mirror hear about it. But why go there...?


  1. Lace,
    I am sick, I am tired, of you (snap, snap, snap) thinking you are all that!!! Fill Aunt J in on THAT one, will you?????????

  2. hahahahahaha :) so glad the "acid tongue" is back to normal! I must say, your crazy was no where near the craziness of Michelle's...but you can always pour your crazy on me! love you!

  3. Your new headline photo is fabulous. Your eyes are flashing! It is perfect for "backyardchic".
    Sorry about the "crazy". Evidently humor isn't the only thing you've gotten from me.
    I've finally conquered the roses. I have 2 proto-types ready that look pretty good.
    Your Mom wants to make soy candles. Are you up for it? We could make a day out of it with Soni, too...
    Love you Auntie J