Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Awesome Aunts

It takes a village to raise a child and it takes talented aunts to pull off a wedding! I have awesome aunts and they are all helping with the wedding in some facet.

My Aunt L (who I was a flowergirl for many moons ago!) is helping me pull off the garden feel of the wedding and has provided many tips of inspiration for the vintage feel that I want to capture! I might even have to beg her to dip a few strawberries in chocolate for the dessert table.

My Aunt L helping my Lil Sis Darb at Sonita Maria's shower.

My Aunt T is best at Gettin Er Done! She is so helpful with working behind the scenes to make sure that when the party is over things are cleaned up and dishes are washed. I will be asking her to help oversee cake table to run smoothly. She gives a pretty good bath too; my sisters and I used to love spending the night with her when we were young just for bathtime! Fun fact: she is married to my Uncle Randy who will be marrying My Guy and I! ( I know "and I" is terrible grammar but I'm up for a rhyme, all the time. Catch that?)My Aunt T with her two daughter in laws, S & S.

My Aunt Mickey is great at dinner parties and decorating is her forte! She also has been helpful giving party planning advice for logistics and the prettier side too! She will be helping with Reception Decor, especially lighting and cutting blooms to put in bud vases for the center pieces!

My Gramma Ruth and Aunt Mickey having a good time!

My Auntie J is my go-to-girl for wedding planning! She will be helping manage people at the rehearsal and the day of to direct wedding party and guests. She is also creating the invitations. She's truly an artist and she has designed roses for the invitations using watercolor and I can't wait to see them all finished! She also has a great sense of humor that I have adopted and my dad lovingly refers to as my Acid Tongue. Check out her blog here!

My Auntie J, my Gramma Ruth and cousin Sonita Maria at Soni's Bridal Shower!

How about my poor old mama?

We're just going to keep the crazy juice (red grape juice really) flowing for the week of the wedding! But really, she has listened to my ideas with a well taught "uh huh, that's an idea" response and has only had to give me "I told you so" a few times throughout planning. She surprised me this weekend by reserving tents, tables, chairs, china, an arbor and cake stand in Kansas City with my dad and even bought her Mother of the Bride dress the same day: very productive weekend! She is so excited about our Bridal Luncheon for my girls that sometimes I think she forgets about the wedding, well until the bill comes.

My mama and I in the kitchen getting ready for Thanksgiving chaos, I mean fun. Bring on the crazy juice.

PS. Mom: How's your best friend Robbie?

Bridal Brigade love and all of mine!

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  1. I love, love, love it! Can't get enough of it! I didn't know you had a blog...how great is this? Of course, I'll go more salmon/ tropicana with maybe a touch of hope/peace which is kind of white with pink, salmon edging...I think that will make a nice compliment to the other. I talked to Mike and we need to call Haley and I'll take everyone out on Thurs. if they can make it! Tomorrow I'm working on the proto-types. Love.......