Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone else on the mountain feels the same way you do!

I finished up Parent Teacher Conferences today and Blake took me out for cheap burgers and fries to celebrate! This evening we are taking it easy and watching the Winter Olympics because The Office isn't on this week.

Lindsey Vonn just crashed on one of her skiing runs and it takes me back to a place that I don't like to let my mind wander -- Spring Break 2006 skiing in Colorado. My family, along with a group of other families, and Blake went skiing in Colorado in 2006 for Spring Break and I was excited to ski there for the first time. After the first trip down a blue run on the first morning, I was over it.

I couldn't ski.
I couldn't "snow plow".
I couldn't stay up on my skiis.
I couldn't work the mountain like I was able to in Westin, MO.
I was not a happy kid.

After a few hours of trying, I sent Blake on with the rest of the group and I figured I would hike down the mountain if I had to. Blake had tried to help me, Haley tried to help me, even Zach tried to help me, that's right Zach tried to help the Boom. I ended the day on the slopes with sore muscles and a worse attitude. As I turned in my skiis, the rental man said, "You must be a great skier, these are pro men's skis." No wonder I couldn't ski.

I tried the second day with a fresh attitude, beginner skis and sore muscles that I had never experienced in 6 years of competitive sports. Day 2 = Not much better. I spent the rest of the day "smiling and faking it" and trying to keep up with Blake and our friends Taylor and Katie. I ended the day early sipping hot cocoa at the lodge.

The third and final day, my parents took pity on me and we worked over the green slopes. Towards the end of the day I had reached my emotional breaking point and had a meltdown. At this point I got a "Come-to-Jesus" talk from my dad that went something like this:

"You're a Madden, and Maddens don't give up, they succeed; always. You gotta get through this, no matter what. EVERYBODY ELSE ON THE MOUNTAIN FEELS THE SAME WAY YOU DO!" I look over and can see someone who I think was Shaun White doing back flips off the half-pipe next to our run and exclaim through my tears, "HE DOESN'T!"

So the moral of this story isn't about getting back on the horse, no way. The moral comes down to when Blake and I are raising kids and decide to take a skiing trip, their mama will be at the lodge with snacks and hot cocoa, not on the slopes. Not even close.

A special thank you to the Winter Olympics for bringing back that traumatic experience every four years; see you in 2014!

"Smiling and faking it" at Rabbit Ears Motel.


  1. Sissy, You made me laugh out loud LOUDLY. OH the memory....oh poor Blake...oh poor me, Dad, Haley, Darbey, Zach, you name it. You can take a story and make it a sit-com. Now smile and fake it.

  2. I laughing right out loud. Number one cause I can't ski either and I'm a Madden, or at least I used to be...Ed and I take the kids skiing and then head back to the hot tub. It's a great winter vacation!