Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Help me Raquel! Help! Help me Raquel!

Raquel was my dance teacher for many years.
How great of a name is Raquel for a dance teacher?
I want her help again.
My Guy NEEDS her help but that is another story.


I know you've seen THIS.

And you may have even seen THIS:
(I know Mama doesn't miss Bonnie Hunt and so she has even seen it!)

Well, I have had THIS IDEA running through the back of my mind and found this.

Baby Sisters: What do you say? Help me put those years with Raquel to good use?

PS. Do you think that will make the bouquet toss less awkward or take it to a whole new level of awkward? I'm all about un-awkward!

PPS. Stay tuned for more dancing fun!


  1. okay, firstly I'm very thankful I'm married and not single. Secondly, it's very cute but how much cute can one wedding take? Seriously, go for it...Now what are you and THE Guy dancing too? How about the dance line from Hitch!

  2. I love the dance line from Hitch! I always say, "She reminds me so much of my cousin Sonshine Marie!"

  3. Sissy,
    Ok Ok Ok I'll do it ... I'll learn the dance and do it...just to keep you from begging me ANYMORE! What size leotard did you get me again?

  4. We do kind of look like Allegra and Albert, weird!



  5. oh, I am SO in!! :) ..and I think we can pull it off BETTER than the girls in the video did! (i mean, heeelllo!...we've been practicing our classy cat moves and we are set!) I agree with Aunt J on the hitch dance line!! what better way to get grandma out on the dance floor!