Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paperwork Schmaperwork

Tomorrow, My Guy and I will go the courthouse to apply for our marriage license.

I hate paperwork. I never have the documents I need. I never even know what documents I'm supposed to have are, let alone where those documents are located!

On a side note, next year at this time I will be waist deep wading through taxes and I will probably be in tears. But why go there?

Because I am all about lists (thank you Daddy) I have prepared a rough list of what you need to get married in Kansas:
-Two forms of identification: Driver's license, Social Security card, passport will all work

-We will both be present, but only one person is required. Which led me to tell My Guy: If we are both in the joint agreement to get married, we will both be present to apply for the license, end of discussion.

-3 day waiting period and the license is valid for 6 months

-$75 cash: license fee and surcharge

-Neither myself nor My Guy have previously been married so we didn't even read through that clause. We also ignored the clauses about cousin marriages, same sex marriages, common law marriages, and under-age marriages.

That should be it!

Knowing my luck, the County Clerk will be on vacation, or the office will be closed on Fridays, or not taking applications for young, naive, in-love couples.

Wish me luck and send up a prayer for us to be patient tomorrow and our upcoming marriage while you are at it!

Love and Marriage love and all of mine!

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  1. Did you forget you are a Madden in our house and we never like to have things ready and handy? The hunt and the stress of hunting is much more fun!!