Friday, March 26, 2010

Painting by Numbers

I spent approximately 4 hours on Thursday evening and another hour this evening trying to make a map to include with the invitations.

Considering my laptop "only has so many times that I can use Microsoft Word -Cousin Rusty", not to mention it is an old version of Office, and I do not have any type of Publisher or Paint program, my map is pathetic. I am too embarrassed to post it.

I am almost too embarrassed to send it out. People can WebQuest right?

I gave up on it and started blogging.
And then, I stumbled upon this map from Southern Weddings.

Now we're in business.

I love the contrasting green of the earth and the blue of the inlet of water. Basically, this map would make my map cry like a little girl.

I am going to try to convince My Guy to whip something up like this using his design skills and maybe Auntie J could paint a rose over our home location, similar to the lovely magnolia on the map. Did I tell you that Mama is trying to learn to paint roses to keep her mind sharp?

Keep drinking that Crazy Juice and you will be just fine sweetheart.

Stationary love and all of mine!


  1. I truly admire your "stickwithitness" are a determined puppy!! If you are waiting on my roses to come out of this hand onto paper...well it might be a wait!! Auntie J to the rescue!!! You get Gardener/Map Guy right on it!!!

  2. Cute map and I think your mom can definitely paint that rose for you...she's a natural!