Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Wise 8 Year Old

A wise 8 year old in my 2nd grade class told me something today. You should know that I have two favorites in my class, (I didn't birth them so it is ok to have favorites). Plus, everybody knows that I am Mama and Daddy's favorite.

One reminds me of a young Me in 2nd grade, so of course I love a Teacher's Pet. The other student reminds me of those munchkins down the road that I miss so much while I'm at college! This boy would be Bee Effs with my cousins because they share creativity, imagination, the fix-it spirit and a sense of humor! Plus, they share an ornery hair, but boys will be boys and they're good for comic relief. Ok I love all my students but these two are who I am blogging about.

Back to teaching today:
Our class discussion started with farms: do you live on a farm, what do farmers do, what animals live on farms? This boy, "Sam" replied, "My Grandma and Grandpa have cows on a farm but they don't live there, my uncle takes care of them, the cows." I said, "Me too!"
To which he calmly replied, "My grandpa has a brain disease and he is entering the 6th stage. He won't know who I am or what my name is but he will still love me."

To which I replied to myself, "Me too."

My Gramma S has a "brain disease" and soon she won't know who I am or my name, but she will still love me." This is a cruel disease, Alzheimer's, as it progresses quickly, but some days seems that you have had the same conversation, uh 473 times. Right Mama? On the other hand, you only need to know one good joke.

My parents are amazing role models that take care of my 4 grandparents and have tricked me into watching so that I will know how to take care of them. One day, I too will have my children help care for and respect their grandparents.

After getting a phone call from Mama this week that Gramma did a load of laundry of one sock, I had to stop and think, "If I have this disease, what if one day I will I not know My Guy or what his name is? I don't know. But, I will love him. And he will love me." And then I will wash his other sock.

Backyard Chic connection:
In lieu of favors, the Bride and Groom are making a donation in the name of their guests to the Heart of America Alzheimer's Association & the Heartland American Cancer Society. Along with the Alzheimer's Association, we also wanted to contribute to the American Cancer Society as both My Guy and I have GranDaddies that have suffered from cancer and GranDaddy J lost his battle last Fall.

Please say a prayer for my Mama as her 6 o'clock phone call has not yet come tonight.

True love's love and all of mine!


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! WITH A CAPITAL A! I'm crying now - but I still love you!
    Auntie L

  2. Grandma S will always love you....we went for a mile walk today and I don't know which of us enjoyed it more. It was a good day and we are grateful for those, huh? Dad and I appreciate all of you kids support for us. Do you just enjoy making your mother cry?

  3. I guess we're all crying then. You continue to leave me wondering how you can have such insight and humor at your tender age. You are absolutely the most remarkable, adorable June
    Bride I know!

  4. What a family I have! I love every single bit of it! I think we have the smartest, prettiest, rowdyest, funnest family out there!

    Today I was looking for a partner to my sock and I thought to myself "oh there's a match, oh look another hair" That's for you momma!