Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bear and Baby B

I have posted a lot lately about my ring bearer fiasco but I haven't given much love to my little girls that will be flower girls. How could I have overlooked these precious babies?

Bear and Baby B are both darlings. They might just steal the show.
That's Baby B's Mommy (my Aunt L) in the back!

Bear has the blondest curls and the the best baby rolls to love on. Some have said that Bear resembles Baby Lace and personally I think that she is one adorable doll baby.

Baby B is the strongest little fighter that I know and soon she will be walking all the way down the aisle! She is also the best cuddle bug! One look at this Cuddle Bug "oohhing" at you and your heart will melt!

These doll babies will be wearing tutus and leotards (a nod to my dancing days!) and this has been a work in project for some time! My Soon 2B Sissy Amanda Jo taught me how to tie tutus and make flower headbands. So I have finished the tutus and am working on adding "lace" to the leotards and will be making flower headbands over Spring Break. This has been one of my favorite DIY projects for sure!

Inspiration Pictures:
Flower headbands

Lovely tutu

Flower Girl love and all of mine!

PS. With my mom's red-haired-skip-a-generation genes and My Guy's coloring, I am pretty sure that we'll have a few red-headed babies running around. If they will be as adorable as this Doll Baby in the tutu that will be just fine with me!


  1. Too cute...I really hope you have at least one red headed doll baby...or maybe even twins!

  2. Those 2 little girls are so precious and sweet. J Bear does remind me so much of you...eyebrows and all. They just might steal the show!

  3. Hi Lacey-
    Thanks for leaving me a link to your lovely blog. I've enjoyed getting to know you a little better, meeting someone who appreciates Target as much as I do! Those little seersucker ring bearer suits are so cute. Too bad they didn't work out the way you planned.

  4. Lacey,

    Love the pics, but couldn't you have maybe cropped the first?? Just Kidding-kind of. Oh well, I did notice that both baby B and my mouths are both open, so I guess like moma like daughter. I love love love reading your blog, you are so talented. Like I said, Like moma, like daughter. PB Kisses to you from Auntie L

  5. Lacey, when I said crop the first, I was NOT talking about the one of you and Blake!!! Hopefully, you know what I meant.
    PB Kisses to you (with my mouth open:) HA