Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's funny because it's true. People like funny.

I know, but the whole funny-because-it's-true bit only works if the truth is a *small* thing like "everyone knows Jennifer likes to shop, ha ha ha". I think you're better off going with something from the heart. Honestly. -Wedding Crashers

I have alluded to the fact that HayBee will be giving a toast at the reception and although this terrifies me, I am anxious to see what she has up her sleeve. Remember Hay: "the whole funny-because-it's-true bit only works if the truth is a small thing."

I am also anxious to hear what Gardener Guy's brother has to say. From the first time that I met him over 5 years ago, he gave me a hard time and continues to today. Captain Buttons can dish it, and he is a pretty good sport at taking it too. However, I am worried about how much he will dish out that night!

I have a folder in my "Photography" file on my laptop entitled "Toasts". In this folder I have compiled many pictures of married couples graciously listening to the toasts. I adore these pictures as it captures a testimony of the couples' love for each other, and their loved ones.

Uh oh, bring on the tears!

Look how much fun was to be had at my cousin's, Sonita Maria's wedding last fall! I believe her MOH started the toast, "If you enjoy this toast, you would have really liked the toast I had written and left in the hotel room!"

*I do not claim photography credits for any of these photographs. I apologize for lack of credit!

Toasting love and all of mine!


  1. I will try to get my hands on Haybee's toast and edit if need be! :) OR you might try being in the portapotty at that time!!!!!!!

  2. My toast is going to be delectable :)