Monday, March 15, 2010

My Lovely Assistant Baby Lisa

My Lovely Assistant Baby Lisa is actually my sister D. Her Baby Lisa fame is from Dog the Bounty Hunter; we used to just call her Baby, but Baby Lisa is so much more fun to say!

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Baby Lisa and I attempted to make a DIY (Not DUI as Baby Lisa kept referring to it as) tutorial of making wedding pomanders for Flower Girls to carry.

Materials for one pomander: 3 bunches of silk white roses, one foam ball*, 6 push pins, ribbon and wire cutters.
1. Start by cutting a piece of ribbon 12-18 inches.
2. Overlap the ends of the ribbon and push the push-pins through the ribbon into the foam. We didn't, but I would suggest hot-gluing the ribbon first, and then sticking pins in the foam ball.
3. Secure with enough pins so that the handle is attached.
4. Using the wire cutters, cut the blooms off of the stem, leaving about 2 inches of stem.

5. Stick the stem into the foam ball near the ribbon and work around the top circumference working your way to the uh,, equator, and down to the uh, South Pole of the foam ball.
6. Stagger the flowers so that the petals just kiss the next bloom and you cannot see the green foam beneath.

7. Cover the whole ball with blooms!

This was a fun DIY project too! We figured out that the foam balls we bought were too big, so Baby Lisa and I ran errands today and bought a pair of smaller foam balls to re-do the pomanders so that the doll babies will be able to actually carry the pomanders down the aisle!

Thank you Baby Lisa for taking the photos!

Pomander love and all of mine!


  1. :) Any time! lisa is always here to help! I can't get over how cute these are!! Hopefully the smaller balls won't weigh the doll babies down..(although that would make a cute picture at the wedding!)

  2. Those are so pretty....I think you should post them in other places too... You are becoming quite good at DUI's (I mean DIY's) :)

  3. I love those! In one of my Kitchen Klatters, they had a picture of a lollipop tree, remind me to show it to you. They had hung lolipops from ribbons down from a large outdoor tree-just like the one in your front yard. Instead of lolipops, these would look cute.... A pomander tree!

  4. PS - Tell Haley that I took a closer look at that boy on the other blog. There's really not a resemblance - Cody is handsomer by FAR!